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Violent Islamist groups are gaining strength in Africa
July 18, 2018

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria’s main north-eastern city, is at the centre of a series of jihadist campaigns stretching in two broad belts across Africa on either side of the Sahara. The northern one hugs the Mediterranean, from Egypt through Libya and Tunisia to Algeria. The southern one extends from Somalia and Kenya in the east through Nigeria and Niger and on to Mali, Burkina Faso and Senegal in the west. Such"...

Belgium signs migration agreement with Tunisia
July 18, 2018

On Tuesday, the Belgian and Tunisian secretaries of state for Migration, respectively Theo Francken and Adel Jarboui, signed an agreement.

Its ambit is to facilitate the return of undocumented Tunisians living in Belgium back to Tunisia.

Mr Francken (New Flemish Alliance) says that this agreement strengthens Belgium’s"...

Tunisia approves illegal enrichment law to combat corruption
July 18, 2018

The Tunisian parliament on Tuesday approved a law to combat illicit enrichment, a step designed to strengthen the government's fight against widespread corruption in the country.

Since the 2011 uprising, Tunisia has been held up as a model of democracy for the region. Economic progress has lagged, however, and corruption remains"...

July 18, 2018
Tunisia will officially join the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) at an upcoming summit, Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday. The upcoming Head of State and Government Summit will be held in Lusaka, the Zambian capital, on July 18 and 19. 'Once approved as a member of COMESA, Tunisia will have access to the triangular free trade area, which includes COMESA, the East African Community and the Southern African Development Community, bringing together almost half countries of the continent,' the ministry said in a press release. The COMESA, officially recognized by the African Union, has a population of 520 million and a GDP of 755 billion U.S. dollars. xinhuanet ...

July 18, 2018

The Assembly of the People's Representatives, or Tunisian parliament, approved Tuesday an agreement with African Development Bank (ADB) on a loan to fund the 'Digital Tunisia 2020' project.

The credit, 71 million euros (83 million U.S. dollars), will be repaid over 19 years with a grace period of 6 years.

It will be used to finance the 'Digital Tunisia 2020'"...

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